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Our Company

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Changes Apparel Manufacturing Ltd. is a Canadian based manufacture and marketing company specializing in Athletic Team Gear. Changes athletic product lines are functional with styles. Each item is designed, cut, sewn, checked and delivered to customers with great care.

Our Customers

Our customers are dealers only. Our mission is to work with our dealers as one team to provide ultimate, satisfying and superior product solutions to team wear users across Canada and USA. We grow successful business together with our dealers.

Our Products

THE FABRIC: We choose good quality fabric to construct our products for high performance. Our fabric stock or supply is stable. We are very aware of the textile technology innovations such as moisture control, breathing, comfort and in court performances.

THE DESIGN: Our designing teams research and update our styles on regular bases. We create our products combined with our professional knowledge of style trend and color trend in the industry. Innovative designs ensure the reliable fit and comfort for good performance.

THE CUT: Our cutting room has developed a program and can cut team orders and mass production orders. The flexibility is due to our superior experiences and technology application in the cutting process.

THE PRODUCTION: production lines are operated by experienced operators. Quality materials and detailed manufacturing process ensure long term reliability.


By working with dealers, Changes Apparel proudly is the supplier of 2005 National Summer Game volunteers uniforms, 2006 Torino Olympic commercial hats, 2007 West Summer Game volunteers uniforms, 2007 Steve Nash basketball Uniforms,2008 Beijing Olympic Canadian Equitation Team horse blankets… Many clubs, National, provincial and local teams wear our products provided through our dealers.

Made in Canada—Custom Program

  1. Catalogue items: Customers can select styles from this catalogue, choose fabric, color blocks of each item, make the uniform representing the team spirit.
  2. Customer’s own design: We can create patterns to carry out the design, sample fitting and custom made the uniform according to the original design.

Overseas Production- Large order importing program

Changes Apparel partners with manufactures in China to produce large orders over 600 pcs. Changes usually provides patterns and other key elements of the products to ensure quality. Our professional supervision of the production is the key of the quality products delivery. Please contact us inquiring details.